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Squat Clean Technique Tips

 Hey EveryLastRep’ers its Justin here and we’re looking at something a little bit different in today’s video. I want to look at this video of me performing a squat clean so we can talk a little bit about squat clean technique tips.

Upfront I want to apologize for the quality of the video, as it was shot with a cellphone, but I think it’s good enough for us to talk about.

Let’s talk about the Squat Clean, it’s one of my favorite Olympic Lifts. Let’s watch this video of me attempting a squat clean and I want to break it down and tell you all the things that I did wrong, which will hopefully help you with your lifts

Looks pretty good right? For the most part it is, but I really want to dive into the mechanics of this and nitpick it to hopefully help you with your lifts.

Let’s start with the setup:
It’s pretty decent, what I’d like to see is the shoulders back a little more than they are
and the chest forward just a little bit more. I also would like to see the but down a little which would bring the shoulders up some.

Knees are splayed out that’s good. I’m not using a hook grip here but that’s because
I don’t like to use it on Cleans, just on the snatch.

Let’s watch the first pull
Good deadlift into some good extension here, but I feel like the bar is too far away from my body here, which is making the bar a little less vertical, ie: it’s looping around my body vs. traveling parallel to my body.
Shoulders are shrugged before I begin to dip under the bar, maybe a little soon on the shrug but not to bad.

The catch/rise:
So I caught this a little higher than I’d want, but I did a couple things right. First, the elbows where quick to the front rack, so I basically dropped down and circled under teh bar quick. That’s good. Also I didn’t squat, but I rode the bar down…
basically i knew the bar was coming down, so I didn’t try to fight it. I just let it pull me down once I caught it.

One bad thing to notice here is that the knees, flare in, then back out. that shouldn’t happen, it will make you unstable and want to rock forward. If i showed you videos of me missing lifts you’d see that I lose them forward, also if you look here (18sec) you can se that I’m leaning a little forward, i should be sitting back on the but more.

Also, the more and more I watch this, I was supposed to be doing squat cleans but I just don’t think i went low enough. If you look, you can see that I’m just at parallel, maybe a touch below, but if I were judging this in a competition, i’d give a warning to go lower if this was the first time I saw it or I’d no rep it if they didn’t listen to my warning.

So worst case scenario here, I did a good power clean instead of a squat clean.

Well that’s it for today, it’s a shorter video, but like I said, I wanted to pick my own lifts apart with the hopes of helping you be able to lift better.

Like the format of this video and want to see more like it? Let me know!

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