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King Kong Apparel & What’s In My Gym Bag?

I’ve blogged before about items that you may want to have in your gym bag, but I’ve been asked a lot recently about what I keep in my own gym bag. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to talk about that and also show you my favorite gym bag from King Kong Apparel

When you first start looking at the gym bag from King Kong Apparel, you’ll notice that it’s ready to stand up to whatever you can throw at it. It’s made of a heavy duty canvas and it’s got big thick zippers which will definitely stand up to thousands of zip opens and zip closes.

That bag itself doesn’t look much bigger than your average gym bag, but once you get into it you’ll figure out that it is, truly, way bigger. Given that I have this much room, here’s how I’ve chosen to spread out my gear

Side Pockets

Each of the three side pockets are roughly the same size and I’ve managed to put the following into them

  • 1 pair of RockTape Knee Sleeves, useful for deadlifts and rope climbs
  • 1 RPM Speed Rope Jump Rope
  • 1 Pair of Rogue Wrist Wraps
  • 2 small notebooks and pens for tracking my workout results

End Pocket

The bag has a good sized end pocket which I use to keep a ziplock bag with basic toiletries, a few first aid supplies and an older notebook that has some workout data that I can still use on my day to day workouts when needed.

Shoe Pockets

This bag actually has not 1, but 2 shoe compartments which is something that I find really cool. So I’m able to carry:

  • A pair of Olympic Weightlifting shoes
  • A pair of Reebok Nanos
  • A pair of New Balance Minimus running shoes

Main Compartment

The main compartment is a good sized compartment. It does share space with the shoe pockets, but i’m still able to get a towel and 2, sometimes 3 changes of workout clothes in there if I have more than one workout a day.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I’m very, very pleased with this bag. It’s solid and it’s got a ton of room. My only complaint is that one side of the bag has 3 small utility pockets and the other side has nothing. I would have liked to have had the 3 more pockets just in case, but it’s not a huge deal breaker.

The one thing that may make you balk is the price tag, it’s $99.00, which seems steep for a gym bag, but think about how often you buy a gym bag? The last one I got was a freebie, it was tore up within the first month and I hung onto it for several years. My thought is that if you buy this one, you can get at least 7-10 years out of it. So, if you think about it that way, it’s really a pretty good value, especially given the quality of it’s construction. Overall I say this bag is a definite buy

If you want more information, check out KingKongApparel.com

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