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How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

**Video Notes**

Hey, everybody this is Justin from everylastrep.com, welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about something that’s very close to my heart, coffee. Now I’m a huge fan of coffee. I drink several cups of it during the day but when I first started getting into the CrossFit world and the Paleo world and all of that, I kept hearing folks refer to Bulletproof coffee. I really had no idea what that was and when I found out, it kind of scared me a little bit. So, I want to talk to you guys about it and hopefully a lay some of those fears that are out there.

So, on the table here in front of me you can see that I’ve got just some protein powder. You can use whatever brand that you want. I’ve got the little secret sauce here that we’ll talk about in a minute. I’ve got two tablespoons of legit farm-raised organic butter, not margarine like you would buy at the store. It’s got to be real butter. I’ve got some coffee.This is actually a really cool brand of coffee.

This is from Caffeine and Kilos. These are some CrossFit folks out in I believe California that have started their own coffee company. It’s pretty cool. They’ll send it to you ground or unground, and they’ve got monthly subscription programs so you should check them out. One thing I really like is their logo. It’s a K for Kilos but then if you turn it sideways it looks like somebody holding a barbell. So, that’s kind of cool.

Then you will need a blender. Some folks recommend using an immersion blender. This is a cheap one that I picked up at Walmart. I think I got this thing for like five bucks. So, here’s how you put it all together. You need about two scoops of your protein powder. Like I said earlier, two tablespoons of butter and then a cup to a cup and a half of coffee. I put mine in a travel mug in the mornings and I can get about a cup and a half in there. So, it kind of depends on how big of a vessel you’re putting the coffee in.

So you put all of that into the blender and then you add this guy here. Now, this is MCT oil and this is a pharmaceutical grade version or brand of MCT oil. What that stands for is medium chain triglycerides and it’s a┬áhealthy fat enzyme that is naturally found in coconuts. So if you have coconut oil, you can actually put that into your Bulletproof coffee, which is what most people recommend. The only reason I go for the straight MCT oil, well there’s two reasons actually.

The first, I don’t like the taste of coconut in my coffee. That’s really the main reason. The second is that for every tablespoon of coconut oil that you put in, only about half of that is MCT oil. For every tablespoon of this that I’ve put in it’s a tablespoon of the actual oil. Now, be warned on this guy and they even say it on the label. He will mess up your stomach so I usually do about two teaspoons, excuse me, two tablespoons of this guy.

I tried three one time and it was not a good situation. Had to run to the bathroom and fix that problem pretty quick. So, just be aware that, that could happen to you and your mileage may vary as to how much your body can tolerate. So, take all that together and I’ll go through it one more time.

Two scoops, two tablespoons, two tablespoons of butter, cup to a cup and a half of coffee, put it in the blender, mix it up for 15, 20, 30 seconds until it’s smooth and then pour it in a cup, drink it and enjoy it. Now, one of my biggest hangups was going the Bulletproof coffee route was that I was afraid of drinking butter. It’s a little bit of a mindset that you got to get around. You really actually can’t taste it. This actually tastes like something that you’d buy at Starbuck’s or Caribou Coffee or just your run of the mill coffee shop down the street.

It’s sweet. It’s got a very rich taste once you mix it all together. You know, I couldn’t really taste the fact that I had put raw butter straight into the coffee. So, you’re probably asking why are we doing this. When you look at the paleo or the primal or the kind of the more let’s call them caveman-esque style diets. There’s a big push to get healthy fats into the body. So, you can do that with good butter.

That’s one way and like I said earlier, these medium chain triglycerides are actually a good healthy fat and they actually have been found to boost the body’s metabolism and it’s actually a fat that you can take to help you with fat loss. Now, I can’t personally speak for the results of this fat loss. I’m not eating, exercising or living a lifestyle that is focused on fat loss. I’m more on strength gain and that type of stuff. So, if you’ve had a negative experience with this and you’re using it in more of a weight loss regiment, let me know, but I haven’t found any negative effects to this so far.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of months with putting it in the coffee and everything and you know, I felt pretty good about it. Another reason that folks like this is because of the way all of this stuff starts breaking down in your body and it gives you a natural energy boost. So, you obviously get the little bit of a boost from the caffeine and then you also get the boost from all of this kind of working together and breaking down in your body. It’s kind of hard to describe but it’s a clean energy source almost that you feel like, you don’t have a crash afterwards like you would if you slammed down a pure sugar energy drink or if you had hit like six or seven cups of coffee. You don’t really have that caffeine crash.

With that being said, you know, it’s really nice to drink this first thing in the morning, and then I just feel a lot more productive mainly because I have the energy to get stuff done and you know, get stuff handled. Now your mileage may vary with that but I’m pretty sure that you’re going to see a little boost ignite even your level of energy, or even your perceived level of energy once you start drinking this. So, one more time let’s run through this recipe.

Two scoops of your favorite protein powder, two tablespoons of coconut oil or MCT oil. If you use coconut instead of MCT, keep the dosage the same. Two tablespoons of butter, cup to a cup and a half of coffee, throw it in the blender, spin it around for 30 seconds, pour that bad boy in a cup and go. So until next time, I’m Justin for everylastrep.com. Enjoy your Bulletproof coffee. Check us out on the blog. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and if I don’t talk to you before then, have a Merry Christmas. Thanks and bye.

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