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3 Double Under Tips for CrossFit Beginners

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Links from the show:
Plain basic jump rope: roguefitness.com/sr-3-rogue-bushing-speed-rope.php
RPM Jump Rope: roguefitness.com/rpm-speed-rope.php

Hey everybody it’s Justin with EveryLastRep.com and today we’re going to talk about jump ropes and double under tips. You can’t have one without the other so it make sense to talk about them together.

Now double unders are one of the first technical movements that you learn as a beginning CrossFitter. Some of the foundational functional movements that we use are a little easier to teach, for example if a CrossFit coach shows you how to correct you squat, you can usually correct it in a few reps, if a coach is showing you how to correct a double under, sometimes it’s harder to correct and chain reps together.

We’re going to give you 3 double under tips to help you get your first series of double unders or to get a larger unbroken set of double unders. Before we do that though, let’s talk about jump ropes. This jump rope here is an example of what you’ll see in every gym across the world, it’s a plain basic plastic jump rope. You can go your entire life and do double unders with just this jump rope and you’ll never notice a difference.

UNLESS you use a jump rope like this one from RPM. You don’t need this jump rope, but consider it the luxury model of jump ropes. It’s made out of solid metal and it’s solid black. This one is a little dirty with chalk, since I’ve been using it alot lately but you can clean it up pretty easy. This jump rope spins ALOT faster, and you will hit your shins with its bare metal wire. It will break the skin, it will sting and you will bleed.

Double Under Tip #1: Spin With The Wrist

Alot of beginning Crossfitter’s spin from their elbow and get the whole arm involved in the spin. You actually just want to spin from the wrist. There’s enough force in the wrist to get the rope spinning fast enough for double unders so you don’t need to try and “muscle it” with the whole arm.

Double Under Tip #2: Keep the Elbows in Tight

What happens alot when folks are doing double unders, is they tend to let their elbows drift away from their bodies. What this does is actually shorten the rope and make the rope come up higher on your shin, which means you have to jump higher to clear it and eventually it’s too high for you to jump, and you miss the rep.

Double Under Tip #3: Hit in Front of Your Feet

This one is a little debatable as to whether or not it will help you, but it is one that helped me. With the elbows in tight, bring the wrists slightly foward of your body. What this will do, is as the rope is coming over your head it will bring it forward enough to make it hit the ground slightly in front of your feet. By doing this is gives you an audible cue to help time your jumping. This is one to simply try, to see if it helps.

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