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2014 CrossFit Games, Cheap Concept2 Rowers, and Foam Rolling 101

Hey EveryLastRep’ers, Justin here and welcome to the latest video in the EveryLastRep.com video series. I hope that everyone had a good Christmas/New Years/Holidays, etc… it’s good to be back and (hopefully) back in the gym as well.

Before we get into today’s episode I want to talk about the format of these videos, I’m going to be switching it up slightly,
we’ll focus at the beginning on bits of CrossFit news that are important to all CrossFit athletes. After that we’ll move into the meat of the show. I feel that this gives these videos more value to you so if you like it, be sure to say so in the comments below

Enough logistics, let’s get started…

2014 CrossFit Open Registration

The biggest announcement this week is the 2014 CrossFit Games Open registration starts Jan 15. For those who are new to Crossfit or the Games experience, I’ll explain: You’ve probably seen the CrossFit games aired on ESPN, in order to get there, those athletes had to win at the regional level, in order to get to the regional level, they had to be some of the top placed athletes in their region from the Open.

The great part about the Open is that it’s just that, open. Any person can compete, and last year over 138,000 people did!

The structure is simple, it costs 20.00 to register and then you’ll do 1 workout a week for 5 weeks. You must perform the workout at a local CrossFit affiliate or submit a video of yourself completing the workout. The video must follow the rules/standards listed on the CrossFit games website. Here’s a word of warning: I’ve competed in the open for the past 2 years, this year will mark my 3rd. Truth be told, I wish I hadn’t done it my first year

The reason behind that was simple: I didn’t know enough!, I didn’t know how to snatch, I barely knew how to clean and press properly, etc… I had only been a Crossfitter for about a month when the open rolled around.

I would advise that athletes that have been doing CrossFit 6 months or less have a serious conversation with a Coach at the gym about participating. Most people that are coaches have done the open in the past and know what type of workouts can be expected so they can tell you, based upon your skillset if it’s a good idea Again, registration will open on Jan 15th and the first workout will be announced on Thursday, Feb 27.

For more information, check out games.crossfit.com

Buying a Cheap Concept 2 Rower

In other news, Peter Keller recently wrote an interesting article for finding cheap concept2 rowers.

In fact, he claims he’s found one for as cheap as 250.00 online, however you’re mileage may vary. 250.00 is a pretty good deal when you consider that the sticker price is 900.00

What’s his secret? Searching Craigslist. But he also gives some tips on how to setup some free automated alerts to let you know when new potential deals have been posted, saving you not only money, but TIME.

Peter’s Article: Buying a Concept2 Rower for 250.00

Foam Rollers and Foam Rolling

Enough with the news, let’s talk foam rolling…and what CrossFit athelte does love a good foam roller? Even the beginning CrossFit athelete can jump right in and roll it out before (and hopefully after class). But why do we do it? Essentially foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (sometimes referred to as SMR) stretching technique.

You do it before & after static or dynamic stretching activities, and when I say stretching here, you need to think strecthing of the muscle fibers in your body. It improves the muscle tissues ability to length during exercise which helps with flexibility and injury prevention. I bet you never thought rolling back and forth could help so much could you?

But here’s my problem with foam rolling. Most foam rollers are just simple tubes, I’ve got 2 right here. See? Nice, round, tubes.

It doesn’t give me the ability to target the muscles that I want to roll that well. This is why you’ve seen raquetballs or the little plastic sticks with what looks like beads or balls on them being added to your gyms equipment. But what if there was a foam roller that allowed me to target how I wanted to roll?

I didn’t think it existed, but luckily the internet proved me wrong. Check out the Enso Roller by EvoFit. It’s made a little differently than most foam rollers. It’s adjustable. It comes with 4 larger discs and 4 smaller discs and each of the discs can be removed and rearranged however you’d like.

This gives you the ability to massage an entire area, pinpoint problem spots and avoid putting pressure on areas that don’t need it.

I’ve been using this for about a month now and I’ve got to say I love it. It’s actually small enough that I can throw it in my gym bag and take it with me. Let’s talk price, it’s 89.00 and before you balk at that, look at it this way: This simple foam roller, which really is nothing more than a tube shaped pillow costs 20.00 This Grid Trigger point roller is better, but it’s a thin plastic tube that you can already see won’t hold it’s shape forever. It costs around 40.00

The enso-roller is made of anodized aluminum tubing, so you won’t have to worry about it warping. My thought on a foam roller is this. You really only need one, so get a good one upfront. I’ve already dropped 60 bucks on these two, that I’m replacing.

If I would have spent a little more upfront, I could have gotten a higher quality roller that let’s me target where I want to roll

For Foam Rolling Technique: http://blog.nasm.org/training-benefits/foam-rolling-applying-the-technique-of-self-myofascial-release/
For more information on the Enso Roller: http://ensofit.com/ens%C5%8D-roller-muscle-roller

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