Crossfit Cardio: The Myth Debunked

Crossfit Cardio or the perceived lack of cardiovascular work is why alot of fitness folks feel Crossfit is ineffective. But understand the science of Crossfit and you’ll know why we dont’ run on treadmills or kill ourselves on Elliptical machines.

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2013 Crossfit Games Surprise Workout

Here we go… The folks over at Crossfit HQ have decided to surprise us with a 13.0 workout. The competition isn’t scheduled to start until March 6th, but it looks like we’ll have to get started a few days early. It’s a 1 hour long AMCAP workout. Watch the video demo for more information.

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5 Movies to Prepare for the 2013 Games

We are days away from the 2013 Games season. Physically, if you aren’t ready by now, you won’t be ready. Mentally…well there’s still a bit of time left. Check out some of these movies below to get yourself pumped up for the games. #5 – 300 Awesome Line: “Submission….well that’s a bit of a problem…”  This […]

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butterfly pullups in the crossfit games

Butterfly Pull-ups Explained

It’s a natural progression. Learn how to do a strict pull-up ..get really good at those. Learn how to kip..get really good at that. Then learn how to do the smooth, rhythmic gravity defying butterfly pull-ups.

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