What is Crossfit?

What is CrossFit Infographic

We’re buried in conversations right now about the 2013 Crossfit Games, soccer mom’s are googling at home Crossfit WoDs, or bodyweight Crossfit WoDs. There’s Crossfit shoes and websites, blogs, shirts, equipment, gyms, there’s even probably Crossfit underwear out there somewhere. But what is CrossFit? Where did it come from? What exactly does it encompass?

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Did Josh Golden ruin the Crossfit Games Open?

This is a brief article in response to the controversy surrounding Crossfit Athlete Josh Golden. In 13.2 Josh Golden booked a score of 387 reps which put him at the top of the world literally. Crossfit HQ moved swiftly and validated the movements using the below video. Clearly in the video all of the movement standards are not being […]

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Fear of Failure: Why 13.2 was easier than 13.1

First off let’s be clear. “Easier” is a relative term when it comes to a Crossfit Open workout. Both of the workouts that Dave Castro and crew have thrown at us so far have been difficult. But 13.2 held one key difference from 13.1 Open workout 13.1 let us know that we would fail. Everyone […]

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pile of running shoes

Best Fitness Shoes: What Do You Really Need?

What are the best Crossfit shoes out there? It depends on who you ask really. Here at EveryLastRep, we’ve decided to take on the challenge to find out just what the best Crossfit shoe is. This conversation is almost as heated as a political debate, religious discussion or do you kip or go strict with pull-ups. However, we’re going to stay objective and just deliver the facts.

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Crossfit Level 1 Seminar Experience

So you want to know how to be a Crossfit Trainer? Good for you… It’s not for everyone. Not everyone that thinks they can’t teach, can actually teach. But if you’ve got a natural teaching ability and willingness to share your knowledge of Crossfit and general fitness with whomever you meet, then by all means, become a Crossfit Trainer. Here’s an account of EveryLastRep.com owner Justin’s Level 1 experience.

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ModPaleo Pulled Chicken

Paleo Meals Delivered by ModPaleo

Paleo Meals Delivered straight to your gym? This is too good to be true right? This post was inspired by the wonderfully catered food that ModPaleo brought to the 13.1 Workout Announcement at Crossfit Vitality. After having sampled their food there, we had to dig a little deeper into their business of being the best […]

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