Social Media Marketing Infographic

The Big 3 Social Media Sites

This post starts part of a larger effort to begin talking about Social Media, Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how you can market your CrossFit gym effectively using tools and sites that you probably use most, if not everyday already.

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What Makes a Great CrossFit Trainer?

With the popularity of CrossFit on an exponential climb, CrossFit Level 1 coaches are in high demand. Level 1 Seminars sell out quickly on the main CrossFit site, at 60 people each with 8-10 classes each weekend with a pass rate of 80% you’ve got roughly 480 coaches entering the CrossFit “job market” any given week. Chances are, not all of the individuals who become a coach will be a good coach. I’ll give you a few criteria to help you find a great CrossFit trainer.

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Recovery By Progenex

Progenex Recovery Review: Why you Should Use It

You know the worst part about protein shakes? It’s not the terrible taste. It’s not the lackluster results. It’s not the fact that very few companies put research into their product, it’s the fact that if you leave a protein shaker in your car on a hot day, it’s probably the worst smelling thing you’ll […]

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Rocky vs. Ivan Drago

Drago Workout

What if Rocky’s training montage from Rocky IV was a CrossFit workout? I’ve taken that epic 80s goodness and transformed it into a CrossFit workout that will kick your butt, get you in shape, and challenge even veteran CrossFit athletes.

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