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Progenex Recovery Review: Why you Should Use It

Recovery By Progenex
progenex nutrition information Progenex Recovery Review: Why you Should Use It

Nutrition Facts for Progenex Recovery

You know the worst part about protein shakes? It’s not the terrible taste. It’s not the lackluster results. It’s not the fact that very few companies put research into their product, it’s the fact that if you leave a protein shaker in your car on a hot day, it’s probably the worst smelling thing you’ll ever experience in your life.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you that Progenex Recovery is any better at smelling bad when you leave it in the car. It too, will stink horribly.

But what I can tell you is this:

  • It tastes great. My favorite is the Loca Mocha flavor. It’s got a hint of coffee and chocolate that make it awesome. If you’re not a big coffee fan, stick to the Belgian Chocolate flavor
  • You get results. I’ve noticed a big difference switching to Progenex vs. your run of the mill protein powder. I feel less sore and ready to go again quicker than with a generic protein powder.
  • There’s research into the product. Check out the Progenex site, each product has a “Science” tab, they explain to you WHY it works. What other protein powders do that with legit science? I can’t think of any.


Progenex may be a little pricer than some of the other protein powders out there, at $59.95 it’s up there on the pricing scale. However, this is one product where you truly get what you pay for AND since you’re an EveryLastRep.com reader you can save 10% on your order by using coupon code: ELR10 at checkout. Get yours at ProgenexUSA.com today