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Paleo Recipes and Meal Plans from PaleoPlan.com


I’m a firm believer that anything that can be done should be done with a plan. If you’re working out, you should have a plan. If you’re trying to build your career…have a plan. And even if you’re trying to eat paleo, you should have a plan. That’s where PaleoPlan.com comes in, it’s full of paleo meal plans and recipes that are coupled with workouts and shopping lists that make your life easier.

The best part of PaleoPlan.com? You can get 2 weeks absolutely free. No promo code, nothing. Just click any PaleoPlan.com link in this article (like this one: Free 14 Day Trial Signup) and you’ll be able to signup for free. Try it for 2 weeks. If you don’t like it walk away, but I’m going to venture a guess that you’ll love it. And if you do love it, we’re talking less than $8.00 a month. That’s like buying one less pack of bacon at the store. (Hmm…maybe that’s not the best example…)

Why You’ll Love PaleoPlan.com

If you’ve been into fitness for a while, or even if you’re just getting started, you’ll learn that one of the key pillars of overall health and fitness is diet. The Paleo Eating Plan is one of the more prevalent in the fitness world, particular in the functional fitness arena. But planning out all your paleo recipes and paleo shopping lists takes TIME.

Not with PaleoPlan.com, signup tell them some information about what foods you like/don’t like, your workout goals/plans (think caloric intake) and you’ll have a paleo shopping list and a paleo meal plan sent straight to your email inbox. EVERY WEEK.

There goes the time, all you have to do is check your email. And since most of us have our email on our phones, boom. Our grocery list is right there with us as we go to the store. Oh and by the way, if you tell them that you want your workouts programmed by them as well…guess what else comes in that email? A weeks worth of workouts for you to go CRUSH now that your body is properly fueled.

Wait…I don’t want to signup for anything…

Okay, that’s cool. You actually don’t have to sign up to see some of their recipes. For example, they do have some free recipes on their website but to fully get the benefit, you’ll want to signup.

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 3.06.56 PM Paleo Recipes and Meal Plans from PaleoPlan.com

A sample of some of the free recipes at PaleoPlan.com

Final Thoughts

Overall this a great service. If you’re been struggling with weight loss or what to eat to perform, or just trying to figure out how to eat better than you currently do, give the 14 day free plan at PaleoPlan.com a shot. If you don’t like it, I won’t make you use it again, I promise.

Other than PaleoPlan.com, what other online resources have you guys found that help you with meal planning? Leave them in the comments below!