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Paleo Meals Delivered by ModPaleo

ModPaleo Pulled Chicken

Paleo Meals Delivered straight to your gym? This is too good to be true right?

This post was inspired by the wonderfully catered food that ModPaleo brought to the 13.1 Workout Announcement at Crossfit Vitality. After having sampled their food there, we had to dig a little deeper into their business of being the best paleo meals delivered direct to you.

modpaleospoons 300x251 Paleo Meals Delivered by ModPaleo

Free travel fork/spoon/knife from ModPaleo at the 13.1 Announcement

If you live in the greater Charlotte, NC area, you’re in luck. ModPaleo will deliver gourment, organic meals complete with fresh local produce straight to your gym. For the curious, here’s a full list of their delivery locations.

The spread at the 13.1 Announcement included flank steak, pulled chicken, pulled pork, buffalo chili. All of which was absolutely phenomenal. There was not a single bad dish there.   The same can be said about their weekly menu, which follows the Paleo Diet plan and allows you to specify your protein portion size in ounces when your order (a nice feature indeed)

To signup you simply visit the “New Customer” page and it explains the order and delivery process and the different meal pacakges. Once you’re signed up you simply tell ModPaleo what you want to eat and they bring a paleo meal straight to your gym in their trademark blue bags. Once your done, return the bag and supplies to your gym and ModPaleo will swap it out with your new shipment. Easy right?

Also if you’re going on vacation or traveling for business you can pause your meal delivery so your food doesn’t go to waste.

Overall this a great service and again the food is out of this world. EveryLastRep will go on record and say that we have no affiliation with ModPaleo, we simply sampled their food at the 13.1 Workout Announcement and fell in love with it. Give them a try, we know we will be.