What do I need to eat? When do I need to eat it? What supplements (if any) should I be taking for maximum performance? These are all common questions in the CrossFit (and any other fitness) world. I’ll teach you what to eat and why, so that you are fueling your body for optimal performance.


Paleo Recipes and Meal Plans from

Mmmm… Bacon. One of the most important ingredients in the Paleo lifestyle. What if you’re new to functional fitness or eating healthy? Where do you even start? What if you want to go Paleo but you don’t know how to get started there? Enter Paleo Plan and their meal planning service. Read on for the review!

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Supplements – Progenex More Muscle

A common question most fitness athletes have is: What type of supplements should I be taking for peak performance and results? This Supplements series will help answer that question. In this first post I talk about one of my favorites: Progenex More Muscle.

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CrossFit Meal Plans

5 Meal Plans & Nutrition Resources

I like to eat. I like to eat meat. In fact, I like to eat a lot of things outside of just meat but one thing that really had me confused when I came to the CrossFit world is how do I eat to perform? What type of food should I be eating to maintain […]

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Recovery By Progenex

Progenex Recovery Review: Why you Should Use It

You know the worst part about protein shakes? It’s not the terrible taste. It’s not the lackluster results. It’s not the fact that very few companies put research into their product, it’s the fact that if you leave a protein shaker in your car on a hot day, it’s probably the worst smelling thing you’ll […]

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Why the Paleo Diet should be your last choice.

I’ve started spending more time over at the main message board at and one of the things that I see alot is folks new to Crossfit asking what the need to do from a diet perspective. The first reply always says “You have to go Paleo.” Period. Bottom line. End of Story. But is that always accurate?

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