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Paleo Protein Shakes Don’t Exist

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This is one of those articles that you write, knowing that you’ll probably get beat up in the parking lot after people read it, but I’m okay with that..so here we go… The Paleo Diet is all the rage in the CrossFit world, but I keep finding myself asking the same question over and over: “Where are the paleo protein shakes??”

There’s a lot of folks out there who claim to be making “paleo protein shakes” but in reality, it’s the ingredients that are in them that are paleo not the shake itself. Protein shakes aren’t a food, they didn’t grow out of the ground or they were never an animal. It’s a collection of various bits of proteins that were either in the ground or in an animal at some point.

Still don’t believe me? Paleo guru Robb Wolf himself talks about this issue as well in his article: Are Protein Powders Paleo?.

Stuck in a world without paleo protein shakes…

If we accept that we have to give up protein shakes, then the best bet is to eat real food after a workout. For most of us this will be hard, both from making sure we take real food with us to the gym to and the fact that we typically feel like we want to puke after a hard workout. So while, in it’s purest form a protein shake will never be paleo, there are some that are doing a great job at getting as close as they can. Here’s three of my favorite post workout proteins:

  • progenex moremuscle 150x150 Paleo Protein Shakes Dont ExistProgenex More Muscle – This is my favorite by far. A little more costly than most but worth it. Quality ingredients, good taste and mixes well. These guys are the official “supplement” folks of the CrossFit world for good reason. Definitely worth you’re investment (Also you can use coupon code ELR10 at checkout to save 10%)
  • chocolate recovery 1 150x150 Paleo Protein Shakes Dont ExistSFH Whey Protein – This one goes on the list as my second favorite, to me it has a slightly weird aftertaste to it, kinda tingly. After you drink it for a week or so though, you get used to it. Still, it has quality ingredients and not alot (if any) fillers.
  • proteinpowderpage 150x150 Paleo Protein Shakes Dont ExistPaleo Pro – Hey this one has Paleo in the name..it should be good right?  It sure is. I’ve tried it once or twice and have to say it instantly jumped up to being tied with my favorite. Great flavor and taste. I can honestly say I felt like I recovered a little better. (Note: The shop link is a little hard to find on the site…it’s on the top right above the product description)

In the long run real food after a workout is better for your body. The goal after a workout is to restore the muscle protein and glycogen that you were burning through during your WoD. When you hit a protein shake after a WoD, you’re dumping a massive amount of liquid sugars in your body, which are digested a totally different way than when you eat food, which is digested slower. If you’re going for a long-term lean & longevity plan, you’ll need to learn towards food.

What am I going to do?

Personally, I’m going to accept the fact that I’ll never have a paleo protein shake, but still drink one post workout. Mainly because of convenience but also because I feel that everyone should have their “cheat moments” when it comes to their lifestyle. If my cheat moment is hitting a protein shake, then I can live with that.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Yesenia

    So what’s something good to eat post-workout in the evening? I usually workout at 5 or 6 pm which means I’m getting home around 6:30 or 7:30 pm. Shakes just seem to be the better “meal” especially being so close to bedtime. I’ve always struggled with what’s best to eat after an evening workout.

    • EveryLastRep

      Hey Yesenia, I like to try and get 2 bananas after a good wod. This helps my body get some good carbs in it and also some potassium which will help with muscle soreness, but for me that’s more of a snack. If you’ve eaten prior to working out, this should probably be enough. But if you haven’t then I’d say you’re okay to eat a meal that fits for you/your lifestyle, I would focus on high protein to help with the recovery. I crock-pot chicken on Sundays with some salsa (just dump some in with the chicken) and it makes a nice shredded chicken that you could eat by itself or put it on some lettuce with some avocado to have some “chicken tacos”. Does that help at all?

      • Yesenia

        Yes, thank you…that helps!!

  • Donna Sharp Suro

    Have you ever tried isagenix isalean pro or isapro? Sourced from New Zealand organic grass fed cattle and they also have a vegan option that is dairy free and gluten free.

    • EveryLastRep

      Hey Donna, I haven’t tried isagenix. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the heads up.


  • Val

    Great article on paleo protein shakes. I’ve since found more paleo protein powders here: