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Coffee Nutrition Facts – 7 Things You Didn’t Know


I drink coffee 4-5 cups of coffee daily. I feel myself more energetic after each cup. This gave me an insight coffee is nutritious.
Is it nutritious? To answer this question, I studied a lot and found strange facts of coffee.
In this article, I want to grab your attention about only seven nutrition facts which will be additive to your knowledge about this beverage

7. Lowering the Risk of Type II Diabetes

Almost 15 published studies exhibit the negative relationship between Coffee drinking and the Type II Diabetes.
According to them, Coffee contains antioxidants. These antioxidants fight against cell damage due to oxygen-free radicals.
In addition to this, coffee contains magnesium and chromium which produce insulin in the human body and reduce the risks of diabetes type II.

6. A safer Energy Drink

Coffee is an elegant energy drink. It contains lower level of sugar and chemical additives. Coffee keeps you free from obesity, cardiovascular disorders and cancer than other energy drinks.
Additionally, the darker roast has more soothing effects on the body as it contains the lower level of caffeine.

5. Makes you learn better and stay alert at work

Are you in work stress? Coffee may help you. The research highlights that caffeine reduces the stress and anxiety.
It also makes you sharp and alert during your work activities and maintains your interest in work, especially in the second half of the day.
Similarly, caffeine also increases the interest and attention of the students in their studies.

4. Fights against Cavities

Multiple types of research highlight that sugar-free coffee protects its users from tooth decay and cavities because it contains polyphenols which fight against teeth bacteria.

3. A source of protecting the skin

Do you want to be good looking? Don’t worry. Coffee is there to help you! Harmful external factors like sunlight cause the skin cells damage. Coffee contains antioxidants which prevent body cells to damage and make your skin safe and wrinkle free.

2. Lowers the risks of the migraine

Many nutritionists agree that coffee can stop migraine if it is taken at the early stage of headache.
A Vascular headache is due to the stretch of blood vessels; the caffeine restricts the blood vessels to stretch and encounters the headache.

1. A Conversation Starter

Many experts believe that coffee is a stimulant and helps you to discuss issues during meetings and presentations. It sparks your intuitive ability to communicate within your peer group. Many studies have identified that coffee users are initiators and like to start the conversations within the meetings.

Michele Smarty is an author, short story writer and a freelance contributor to many websites like Words I Seek. She loves to share interesting information regarding health and exercises with her audience.