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5 Meal Plans & Nutrition Resources

CrossFit Meal Plans

I like to eat. I like to eat meat. In fact, I like to eat a lot of things outside of just meat but one thing that really had me confused when I came to the CrossFit world is how do I eat to perform? What type of food should I be eating to maintain this level of fitness/working out. It wasn’t until I took my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer class that I learned about the Zone diet, Paleo, carbs, sugars, glucose, etc… But we aren’t talking about Weight Watchers here, I couldn’t seem to find a good CrossFit meal plan and I know it can all be kind of confusing but there are folks out there that are smarter than me blogging & writing on the subject, so without further ado, here are 5 CrossFit meal plans and nutrition resources.

Eat To Perform
This is the science behind athletic performance. If you picture your body as a high performance race car, Eat To Perform is telling you how to engineer the high octane fuel to power your body.
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CrossFit Journal, Zone Diet Summary & Meal Plans
Straight from the main CrossFit publication, The CrossFit journal, here’s an overview of the Zone diet, some meal plans and information on how to structure your own meal plan.
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Weekly Mean Plan and Shopping List
From CrossFit Long Beach, This meal plan and shopping list looks at one person’s needs for a whole week and includes a shopping list. Great find.
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2 Week Paleo Meal Plan
CrossFit Fenrir has put together a 2 week paleo meal plan. Worth checking out
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How to Start Your Meal Plan
Great post from CrossFit Virtuosity (I’ve been there, got in trouble for dropping the weights) about how to get started with your meal plan. Focused on the Zone diet, but good info all around.
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  • Stephanie

    I printed out the crossfit journal issue 21 (may 2004) with the Block diet recommendations (zone diet). I have calculated the calories based on a Medium Sized woman (3 block meals, 1 block snacks) and the calories for 1 day is only 850 calories. Does that seem right? I find that to be incredibly low for someone who is doing something as strenuous as crossfit. Thanks for any insight/help.

    • EveryLastRep

      Hey Stephanie, that doesn’t seem right at all. When you say three block meals are you making sure that you are doing 3 blocks protein, 3 blocks carbs, and 3 blocks fat at the meals or are you doing 1+1+1 (3 total). That could be why the calories are so low. Let me know and I’ll see if I can help you out further.

      • Stephanie

        Yes. 3Block Meal = 3 blocks of P/C/F. So that equates to 21g of Protein, 27g of Carb, and 9g of Fat (being conservative as zone counts the fat in the protein). There are 4 calories per gram of protein, 4 calories per gram of carb, and 9 calories per gram of fat. Therefore, a 3 Block Meal adds up to 84 calories from Protein (21g * 4), 108 calories from Carbohydrates (27 *4), and 81 calories from Fat (9 * 9) for a total of

        273 calories for each meal. Times 3 meals per day is 819 calories. Plus 2 snacks (1 block meals for a medium woman, 91 calories each) brings it up to a whopping 1001 calories. I’m assuming you burn about 700 + calories during crossfit (some people closer to 1000) so this suggestion seems pretty unhealthy and unsustainable. The other meal plans in your review seem much more reasonable (especially crossfit long-beach… there are way more calories). That zone review in the cross fit journal is from 2004 and i think Barry Sears has changed his tune on nutrition more than a few times since then. Thanks for any feed back or corrections you see in my calculations.

        • EveryLastRep

          Hey Stephanie. I can’t argue with your math for calculating for the meals. I think that calories burned during CrossFit may be a little high, but you’ve got figure that you’ll burn X calories during a workout and because of what CrossFit will start to do to your metabolic system, you’ll burn Y calories after the workout. So essentially your body will start process calories more effectively. Building the machine so to speak.

          What I would say is look at your goals, performance vs. weightloss. Obviously with weightloss you’ll choose a lower block meal plan vs. performance. What I would suggest for you is regardless of what your looking at (WL or performance) up to at least 4 blocks. Maybe 5 if you go the performance round.

          What are your thoughts there?