What do I need to eat? When do I need to eat it? What supplements (if any) should I be taking for maximum performance? These are all common questions in the CrossFit (and any other fitness) world. I’ll teach you what to eat and why, so that you are fueling your body for optimal performance.


7 Natural Ways to Prevent High Cholesterol

Your body makes all the cholesterol that it needs. On the other hand, too much of the bad type of cholesterol is bad for you because it is linked to heart disease. It is important for people to be aware of the negative health effects of bad cholesterol and how to prevent high cholesterol.

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Do I Need to Take a Diet Supplement?

One of the most important questions of the modern age is should you use diet supplements and if yes, when should you resort to using them. The greatest trouble with giving a straight answer to these questions lies in the fact that there are many aspects which need to be considered.

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