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Garage Gym Series: Vulcan Strength


In our third Garage Gym installment, we’ll cover Vulcan Strength Training Systems. If you’re new to this series, make sure you check out our Rogue Fitness and Again Faster articles as well. Vulcan Strength is based in Charlotte, NC and they maintain a large inventory of strength training equipment: Olympic Bars and plates to speed ropes and med balls. Today we’ll look at them for outfitting our garage gym for around $1,000.


Before we get started, let’s review the criteria for each of our Garage Gym series of articles:

  • Budget of $1,000 (US Dollars) (we may not hit this exactly, but we’ll be close)
  • Minimum of 205lbs of weight. (plates + bar can equal this total)
  • Olympic Bar
  • Ability to do pull-ups.
  • Equipment purchased must all fit in a 1 car garage

What We Picked:

We chose the Vulcan Basic One equipment package and added on a few extra features.

  • Vulcan Basic One Equipment – $777.91 ($734.95 if you want black bumpers)
    • 1 x V-Task Squat Stand
    • 1 x Vulcan Bushing Bar
    • 230lbs of Rubber Bumpers (upgraded to color for $42.96 -nice option for the price)
    • 1 x Spring Collar
  • 2 x Vulcan Wall Mount Pull-up Brackets – $119.90 (you’ll need to purchase a pipe at your local home improvement store to run between the brackets.)

Our Total Price: $965.15 + free local pickup (requires NC sales tax be added)
Shipping Options: One of the nice things that Vulcan offers is local pickup if you’re near the Charlotte, NC area (or you’re willing to drive to pick it up). Since Charlotte is about 20 minutes from us we decided to save on shipping and go with local pickup. If you choose to have them ship to you, it costs a flat rate of $205.00 to the North East and South East and $235.00 anywhere else.

Why We Picked It:

Vulcan offers a decent price break for buying these items in a package. When purchased separate you’ll be paying a good deal more. Upgrading to colored bumpers may seem like an indulgence and it is, but for only $42 more, we’re getting a “coolness” factor. If you don’t care about colored or not, save the money and just get the black set.

Vbas1 3T 222x300 Garage Gym Series: Vulcan Strength

How to Extend It:

What we don’t like is the pull-up bar options. The only one that we have is two brackets that you mount and then buy a pipe at the diameter of your choosing (usually around 3/4 of an inch for pull-up bars) and secure that bar between the two brackets. This feels clunky to us and we’d prefer something that hung from the ceiling or was mounted to the squat stand.

It may be better in this case to buy the pull-up bar from another vendor. There are several options around the $100 range that we feel would be better suited.

Also we don’t get as much equipment as we did with Again Faster, but we do get more weight on the barbell. So depending on your current fitness level/goals that may appeal to you.

How to Buy It:

Choose your options and add the Basic One Equipment Package to your cart
Add 2 of the Wall Mount Pull-Up Brackets to your cart.
Go to your local home improvement store to get some metal pipe (Check the plumbing section)

Overall Rating:

Overall we’re on the fence with this package, but leaning towards “It’s a good deal”. We like the weights & the squat stand, these are definitely good things.

We just keep going back to the pull-up bar. What are your thoughts? Stick with this pull-up option or choose another? Let us know in the comments.