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Garage Gym Series: Rogue Fitness


This is the first post in a series of posts where we look at setting up a garage gym for Crossfit WoDs with various Crossfit equipment vendors. We’ll take a look at each vendor and their offerings and see if we can determine the best bang for the buck. To keep it objective from vendor to vendor we’re going to set the following criteria from vendor to vendor.


  1. Budget of $1,000 (US Dollars) (we may not hit this exactly, but we’ll be close)
  2. Minimum of 205lbs of weight. (plates + bar can equal this total)
  3. Olympic Bar
  4. Ability to do pull-ups.
  5. Equipment purchased must all fit in a 1 car garage

The Vendor

For our first post in this garage gym series, we’re going with Rogue Fitness. Based in Ohio, Rogue is heavily involved in the Crossfit community and has a mission to produce quality products. They do seem a little expensive, but you are paying for quality understand that. If you buy one of their products, chances are you’ll never have to replace it.

What We Picked

  1. 1 Rogue S-2 Squat Stand – $425.00
  2. 1 Rogue Bravo Bar & Bumper Set – $690.25
  3. Total Cost – $1,115.25 + FREE shipping

Why We Picked It

s2 h1 287x300 Garage Gym Series: Rogue FitnessS-2 Squat Stand: Rogue does offer a cheaper squat stand, the S-1. But if we go that route, we lose our pull-up bar option and we have to buy another piece of equipment and allocate space in our garage. Spending the extra 80$ will get us the pull-up bar and keep it all in one piece of equipment. The stand will also let us do back squats, bench presses, etc. It’s a versatile piece of equipment, that while taking up a good chunk of the budget is worth it. Rogue does offer add-ons for it’s stands as well that you can purchase at a later date.


Bravo Bar & Bumper Set: Going with the Bravo Set we have the option to include a S2 Stand (mentioned above) and we get free shipping. We also get a Rogue Bar (274.00 if bought separately, no free shipping) and 230 pounds of rubber bumpers. 2 x 10, 2 x 25, 2×35, 2×45 (394.00 if purchased separately, no free shipping) + the bar gives us a total of 275 total pounds. This is going to be more than enough for most garage folks for a while. And if you need more weight you can always buy bumpers extra.

We went the package route mainly to capitalize on the free shipping offers that they have for certain product bundles. We would have spent 1,093 prior to shipping costs if we went without the package. With the package we sit $22.25 more in the total cost but we save on shipping.

How to Extend It:

If you wanted to take this a bit further you could add on a speed rope for double unders, some rings for dips. The stand will support you for this, but it isn’t really tall enough for muscle ups, or even add a wallball or two to the mix.

How to Buy It:

Visit the Bravo Bar and plate package page, add on the Squat Stand. Purchase & PR.

Overall Rating:

If we had $1,000 for a home gym we would definitely start here. We aren’t getting much in the sense of number of products (ie: Just a rack and weights) but we’ll be able to do alot with it. All of the Olympic lifts will be covered for the vast majority of mainsite WoDs. We’ve got bodyweight down as we can do pull-ups. All in all, an option that seems pricey, but is a good value.