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Garage Gym Series: Again Faster

In our last Garage Gym article we focused on Rouge Fitness, this time we’re looking at another big name in the Crossfit equipment world: Again Faster. Again Faster sells to individiuals and affiliate owners in both pre-built packages and custom orders. As well as selling bulk equipment (bumpers, plates, racks, etc…) Again Faster also sells day to day items such as speed ropes and kettlebells.

Aside from dealing in equipment they maintain a large presence in the Crossfit community with Crossfit educational videos on YouTube a large  following around their blog and Twitter

Before we get started, let’s review the criteria for each of our Garage Gym series of articles:


Budget of $1,000 (US Dollars) (we may not hit this exactly, but we’ll be close)
Minimum of 205lbs of weight. (plates + bar can equal this total)
Olympic Bar
Ability to do pull-ups.
Equipment purchased must all fit in a 1 car garage

What We Picked

 Garage Gym Series: Again Faster
We went with a modified version of Again Faster’s home gym Fitness package. Here’s what we got out of the box with this package:

  • Again Faster Squat Stand
  • Women’s 35lb Barbell
  • Barbell Collars
  • 160lb Rubber Bumper Set
  • 9lb Kettlebell
  • 20″ Plyo Box
  • Ultra Speed Rope

Out of the Box Price: $935.82
Out of the box with the above package you’ll pay $825.19 + Shipping, which to the EveryLastRep HQ in North Carolina was around $110.63. So far we’re looking good price wise, but we haven’t met all our criteria, we need to extend this package a little.

Our modifications:

  • Men’s 45lb Bar
  • 53lb Kettlebell
  • 20″x24″x30″ Plyo Box
  • Add On: Home Pullup Bar

Our Modified Price: $1177.82
With our modifications to the package above, we upped the package price to $1067.19 + Shipping, which again was a standard freight rate (to our HQ in North Carolina) of $110.63.

Why We Picked It:

We went with the men’s bar, since here at the EveryLastRep HQ, we’re all male. However we would suggest this even for women that have a decent amount of strength. We do work with female clients that utilize a 35lb bar, but it may be worth your while to go ahead and “upgrade” to the 45lb bar if you’re a female. We also upped the kettlebell weight to a standard men’s weight as well. Adjust as you need there and you’ll adjust the cost a few dollars too. We went with the “adjustable” plyo box that let’s us to box jumps on 20″, 24″, and 30″ heights instead of locking us down to one height. Again, this was purely for flexibility for us, you could order the 24″ box and set a 45lb plate or 2 on it for added height. Although slightly less safe, it does safe you a few dollars.

How to Extend It:

You’ve got alot of equipment here. Really the only things you might want to look at adding to this would be more weight as you grow, a bench if you want to do bench press WoDs, or wallballs for those of you who want to do 13.3 again. This is a great starter package for a garage gym.

How to Buy It:

Here’s a direct link to the Home Gym Fitness package on Again Faster’s website. You can choose to buy it as is or change to the options that we recommend. Guys Please Note: Out of the box this package comes with a women’s 35lb bar, you’ll need to make sure you select Men’s bar when you order yours.

Overall Rating:

We blew past our budget a little bit on this one, almost by $200.00. However let’s compare it to our Rouge Fitness garage gym (link) that we made and you’ll see that we are only $52.00 more expensive. Rouge gave us free shipping, where Again Faster doesn’t. So if we take that away and look at pure equipment cost, Again Faster is actually cheaper by $48.06 and you get alot more equipment than the Rouge package.

If you’re serious about getting started in your garage and not belonging to a box, this is the package you need to go with.