Garage Gym

Our Garage Gym series of articles will focus on what you need to outfit your own home gym. From articles that show you what you get for your money, to product reviews, to step-by-step how-to guides we’ll teach you all you need to know to set your PR at home. We’ll show you how to buy it or build it so that you can get your optimal workout no matter your budget.

DIY Garage Gym Equipment

DIY Garage Gym Equipment: Weights

Crossfit Equipment isn’t cheap. We’ll look at some easy, cheap projects for diy garage gym equipment for the at-home Crossfit athlete. In particular we’ll be focusing on “weight” or things that you can lift and carry in this article.

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Garage Gym Series: Vulcan Strength

In our third Garage Gym installment, we’ll cover Vulcan Strength Training Systems. If you’re new to this series, make sure you check out our Rogue Fitness and Again Faster articles as well. Vulcan Strength is based in Charlotte, NC and they maintain a large inventory of strength training equipment: Olympic Bars and plates to speed ropes and med balls. Today we’ll look at them for outfitting our garage gym for around $1,000.

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Garage Gym Series: Again Faster

In our last Garage Gym article we focused on Rouge Fitness, this time we’re looking at another big name in the Crossfit equipment world: Again Faster. Again Faster sells to individiuals and affiliate owners in both pre-built packages and custom orders. As well as selling bulk equipment (bumpers, plates, racks, etc…) Again Faster also sells day to day items such as speed ropes and kettlebells.

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Garage Gym Series: Rogue Fitness

This is the first post in a series of posts where we look at setting up a garage gym for Crossfit WoDs with various Crossfit equipment vendors. We’ll take a look at each vendor and their offerings and see if we can determine the best bang for the buck.┬áTo keep it objective from vendor to vendor we’re going to set the following criteria from vendor to vendor.

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