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Drago Workout

Rocky vs. Ivan Drago

 Who doesn’t love the 80s? Particular 80s movies with training montages.  I remember growing up as a kid, I felt like you could master anything with a sweet guitar rift and a few minutes edited together screen time. One of the best montages was Rocky IV. Rocky goes to Russia to fight Ivan Drago. Drago trains with technology and steriods. Rocky trains in a barn. With rocks, and ropes, and his own body weight  It’s pure gold. If Rounders is the movie for poker players, then Rocky IV is the movie for CrossFit Athletes.

Because of that, I’ve created a CrossFit workout I like to call “Drago”. I pulled the ideas for this WoD directly from the training montage of the movie. Check out the inspiration, by watching this video

So here’s the workout I came up with, the rep count comes from the number of reps Rocky does in the montage x 15 for the number of rounds Rocky and Drago went at each other. (We’ll do a single 800m run though, not 15). It’s a chipper workout to mimic the idea that during a boxing match you have to keep going and get what you can during the match. 15 minutes also comes from the number of rounds.

As Many Reps as Possible In 15 minutes:
You may break up the following exercises however you like. The goal is to get as many reps as you can in the time limit. 
150 Double Unders
45 GHD Situps (if no GHD machine, sub Toes to Bar)
60 Slamballs 30# (or heavier)
30 Hand Release Push-Ups
90 Thrusters @ 45#
30 Russian Twists (with slamball 30# or heavier)
15 Clean & Jerk @ 135# (Ground to Overhead is acceptable, these should be heavy)
800m run (hills are better, but not required)Your Score:

Bonus Points:
Shout Drago  +5 reps (each time)
Listen to the movies soundtrack while you do the workout +1 rep per track
Grow a beard during the course of the workout +100 reps
Do this workout in the snow +50 reps
Do this workout in Russia +1000 reps

Have fun with this workout, it’s designed to be challenging. If you’re flying it’s possible to finish. Remember to focus on form and quality lifts, not the quantity of lifts.

Post your rep count to the comments and let’s see who can take down Drago!