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Workouts For Your Vacation

Muscle Beach, CrossFit Workouts anyone?

The time is finely here, I can unplug from a computer (day job) and get away for a week to a beach that I can sit on for hours at a time and play with my three boys (and smokin’ hot wife). You’d think that I’d consider this a rest week, or a de-load week, but no not me, I was silly enough to sign up for a CrossFit competition in about 3 weeks and I need to stay focused on preparing for it. So I’ve decided to share what type of CrossFit workouts I’ll be doing on vacation.

Because I’m on vacation I won’t have access to all the gear that my normal box has, so I’ll have to make the best of what I have available to me. Here’s a quick run-down of what I’ll have available to me:

  1. The Beach, good for running and it has plenty of sand, so that + a trashbag = sandbag fun run
  2. The Ocean, nothing like a good swim
  3. The Beach House / Piers, the beach house is elevated like most beach houses are…i can do some pullups on some of the framing under the house or the pier at low tide.
  4. Me : aka, lots of body weight work.

So here’s my rough schedule of CrossFit workouts for the week. I say rough because I may have to rearrange it just a little once I get down there, but these CrossFit workouts you could do anywhere or anytime.

All of these workouts will involve about 30 minutes of stretching, mobility and warm-up work. Most of my warm up will be some lunges, shoulder rotations, yoga holds (scorpion, cobra, plank), and possible a quick little 1/2 mile jog to get the blood flowing.

All of the workouts will also be done in the morning, with the exception of the visit to CrossFit Wilmington, that will be in the afternoon. During the day I’ll be utilizing all this functional fitness I’ve been working on: by playing with 3 wild boys on the beach all day. Also both Saturday’s I’ve reserving as travel days and probably won’t have time to squeeze anything in those days. With each of the exercises that has pull-ups, if I don’t have a great place to do them, I’ll drop them out.

Sunday – “Mini-Murph”
1/2 mile, sandbag run (around 50#, I’m probably going to have to guess on weight)
50 pull-ups
100 push-ups
200 squats
1/2 mile, sandbag run

Monday – “7 Minutes of Heaven”
7 minutes of burpees, but done as an EMOM
Every Minute, for 7 minutes perform 12 burpees.
*If you cannot complete 12 in 1 minute, begin performing as many burpees as possible in the remaining time
**tougher than it sounds, tried this the other day and in minute 4 I was at 50 seconds

Tuesday – Visit to CrossFit Wilmington, it’s about 30 minutes south of where I’m staying.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – “Partner WoD”
50# Sandbag Thrusters (around 50#, same thing I’ll be guessing on weight, if you’re doing these at home use Dumbbells)
Hand Release Push-ups

*do this WoD with your smokin’ hot wife or whoever else you can find. While Partner A completes 21 reps of thrusters & hand release pushups, Partner B has to do unbroken burpees (key is to keep them slow, 3-4 seconds a burpee). Then Partner B does 21 reps of thrusters/push-ups, while A does burpees. Continue this cycle for the 15 & 9 rep rounds

Friday – “Mini-Cindy”
10 minute AMRAP
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
20 Squats

That’s a weeks worth of CrossFit workouts for you to try. Most of them are bodyweight and you’ll probably be feeling it in your arms and legs come mid-week. That’s why post-workout recovery and the mid-week rest day will be important. As always, scale as needed. If you need to do the “Mini-Cindy” at 2/5/10 reps, then go ahead and do it. Any workout that you do is better that a workout you haven’t done.

What are some CrossFit workouts that you’ve done on vacation or would recommend doing? Let me know in the comments below!