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A FREE Week of Workouts


Scroll down for the FREE workouts or read on to find out how to get custom programming designed by me every month

If you’re a subscriber to my email list you’ve already heard that I’ve started offering spots for remote training clients. What that means: I become your coach.

Yes that’s right, you and I will work 1 on 1 to discuss your fitness goals, maybe you’re in for weight loss or muscle gain. Doesn’t matter. I’ll custom tailor a plan just for you. Follow the plan, stick to the method and you will get results.

As if custom workouts weren’t the best part, I’ll make sure that the workouts are tailored towards equipment that you have available to you. No rower? Well you won’t get a workout that involves rowing! Essentially we are going to build a relationship that allows me to help you reach your goals.

How Much Does All This Cost?

Take a minute and shop around for custom workout programming. You’ll find it ranges anywhere from $100 – over $200 PER MONTH. What I’m offering is a month’s worth of custom workouts, delivered to your email inbox, for $50.00 a month. With the option to cancel at any time. No contracts, no long term commitment. But before you commit to a month’s worth of programming, why not try a week first?

Download your FREE Week of Workouts here: (As a PDF File)

Download Free Workouts 

Like what you’ve seen and you’re ready to get started with your monthly workouts programmed by me? Head over to the Programming Sign Up page here on the site.