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What is CrossFit Infographic

What is Crossfit?

We’re buried in conversations right now about the 2013 Crossfit Games, soccer mom’s are googling at home Crossfit WoDs, or bodyweight Crossfit WoDs. There’s Crossfit shoes and websites, blogs, shirts, equipment, gyms, there’s even probably Crossfit underwear out there somewhere. But what is CrossFit? Where did it come from? What exactly does it encompass?

We found this great “What is Crossfit Infographic” on pintrest. We aren’t sure of the original source, so if you know, do please share…but this is worth spreading around. Sums up the basic definition and methodology of Crossfit very nicely.

what is crossfit infographic What is CrossFit Infographic

  • chris

    Hey Justin, i just came across this. I designed this poster along with soderstrom creative and we sell the downloaded file for posters etc. http://www.crossfitgeelong.com.au/store
    thanks for the positive words anyway