Fitness For Beginners

Are you ready to get started with the sport of fitness? Have you decided that average is no longer good enough? That’s great. With this series of articles I’ll introduce you to various aspects and ideas surrounding the functional fitness world to help make you a better athlete. It doesn’t matter if you started yesterday or two months ago, there will always be great information here.


5 Ways I’m GORUCK-ing Stupid

I’ve been training alot recently for a GORUCK Challenge. As I evaluate the training that I’ve been going through, I feel as if I’ve made several key mistakes that I’ll share with you, so that you won’t make them yourselves when prepping for your own GORUCK event.

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The Pyramid of Fitness

The CrossFit Pyramid (add O’ Fitness if you want it to sound fancy) is a listing of the 5 most important aspects of your fitness according to CrossFit HQ. Read on to see what they are and how they should be programmed into your workouts.

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