Fitness For Beginners

Are you ready to get started with the sport of fitness? Have you decided that average is no longer good enough? That’s great. With this series of articles I’ll introduce you to various aspects and ideas surrounding the functional fitness world to help make you a better athlete. It doesn’t matter if you started yesterday or two months ago, there will always be great information here.


Muscle Up Progression Infographic

Well 15.3 sure showed us that muscle-ups are a big problem for alot of CrossFit athletes. But just because you can’t do them now, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to figure out how to do them. This infographic below is one of the better ones I’ve seen for muscle up progressions. Take a look […]

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Spartan Race Training Tips to Conquer Sparta!

The Mud Run/ Spartan Race. It’s something many avid runners, cyclists, workaholics of all kinds pursue at some point in their life. It tops the bucket list of extraordinary things to do in one’s lifetime, along with other notables, such as Ironman’s and Ultra Marathons. Check out these training tips from ELR contributor Jared.

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