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Overhead Squat Mobility Exercises


Last week I had an email from Jeff with the following question:

“I’m having mobility issues with the overhead squat. What’s the best way to fix this?”

Jeff, that’s a fantastic question and one that I think is best answered here on the site so that everyone can take advantage of the answer. Most people tend to think that overhead squat mobility lives in and around the shoulders, but I disagree. This is a total body, compound movement so we’re using multiple parts of the body at different time during the lift. Let’s start with some overhead squat mobility exercises from the ground up. For most of these, yes I will be deferring to Kelly Starret, Mobility Expert and a true Supple Leopard and information from his website: MobilityWoD





Jeff and everyone: Enjoy these videos and knowledge that Kelly is laying down for you here. I can’t claim his information, these videos all belong to him, but I can claim that I have incorporated alot of what you see in these videos and it helps me a lot in my day to day routine and recovery.

What did I miss here? Are there any other good mobility drills or resources that you’ve come across that help you? Share them in the comments below!