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How I Got Rich Froning’s Autograph

Rich Froning Autographed Posters

What follows is a little bit different than most of my blog posts, this is a post that’s a personal story about how I got Rich Froning’s autograph, while being a state away. Big thanks to Rich for being so awesome and for my smokin’ hot wife who actually sealed the deal. What follows is a true story that happened to my wife on her last business trip.

My smokin’ hot wife is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, but she also has the certifications needed to travel around and certify others to teach group exercise. Now, for those of you wondering, yes my wife and I do CrossFit workouts together and yes I try to preach to her the values of CrossFit. One day I will fully convert her, but until then, she’s partly consumed by the dark side of fitness.

On her last trip she traveled to Cookville, TN home of CrossFit Mayhem, the gym that Rich Froning owns. The original plan called for me to travel with her (we live in North Carolina, so it’s about a 5 hour drive) and go visit CF Mayhem while she was teaching her certifications on Saturday and Sunday. However, we recently got a puppy and I’m coaching flag football for my oldest son, who had a game on Saturday, so it just didn’t make sense for me to go.

So on Saturday, she mentions the above paragraph to her class, about how I wanted to go, etc… A few folks in her class speak up. One gentleman said he was actually a trainer/worked at the gym/knew a trainer (the wife is smokin’ hot, but sometimes she forgets details) and mentioned that while Rich wasn’t there, he was traveling back from Colorado, there was a WoD going on and she was welcome to join. She declined and said thanks anyway. Now there were 2 girls that spoke up as well, 1 was a member of CF Mayhem, and 1, get this, was Rich Froning’s neighbor/lived in his neighborhood (again, hot, but sometimes details escape her)

IMG 3255 225x300 How I Got Rich Fronings Autograph

My (smokin’ hot) wife and Rich Froning’s mom

Fast forward to Sunday, the next day, and during my wife’s certification class, the owner of the facility she was at called her out into the hallway and said she had a visitor, could she step out for a minute? My wife steps out into the hall and sees a woman who introduces herself as Mrs. Froning. No, no, not Hillary Froning (Rich’s wife) but Mrs. Froning, Rich’s mother!

That’s right ladies and gentleman: My (smokin hot) wife got a personal visit from Rich Froning’s mom. She told her that the CF Mayhem member and Neighbor Girl tried to get in touch with Rich, it’s unclear if he was still traveling/otherwise tied up, but she wanted to swing by and give my wife a few autographed posters. It’s unclear if Rich actually signed this specifically for my wife or if they were just from a pile of presigned posters, but either way…that’s just really cool. She also said “Everyone thinks he is famous, but to me, he’s just my little Richie”.

Awesome. I’ve now got 2 framed posters hanging in my office here at the EveryLastRep HQ, with a cool story to tell. Again, we went a little off topic here, but this was too cool of a story not to share.

Do you have a cool story where you met a “CrossFit celebrity?” If so, share it in the comments below.