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What Should be in your Gear Bag


I remember when my (smokin) hot wife was pregnant with our first son. We went to Target and Babies-R-Us and registered for pretty much everything in the store that wasn’t tied down. We didn’t need half of it. By the time son #2 rolled around, our list was shorter because we were registering for things that we actually needed.

I use this analogy a lot when people talk to me about what type of equipment they should have in their gym bags to make their “life easier” at the gym. So I wanted to take a few minutes and break down what is in MY fitness gear bag and talk about the things that you really need.

The Essentials

I’m not going to go into the basics of clean clothes, a towel, toiletries, etc… I’m assuming you realize that you need those things. The following list are things that are in my personal gym bag that I feel are essentially to any athlete

  • A good bag
  • Wrist Wraps: to me, anything that involves movement in the wrists: Pull-ups, cleans, overhead barbell work, etc… your wrists should be stabilized. There are several vendors that carry these. Rogue, WoDSuperStore, etc…
  • Pen & Notebook (for recording WoD and lift info) you can leave this off if you have an app on your smartphone
  • A good pair of shoes (For help, see my article here: Best Fitness Shoes, What Do You Really Need?)
  • Blender Bottle for protein, water, preworkout, etc… If you don’t have one try attending a CrossFit competition or a fitness expo in your area if there’s one going on. Chances are there will be a vendor giving them out. If you can’t go that route, they are only around $5-10 and you can pick them up pretty much anywhere. Even Wal-Mart or Target.
  • Post workout carbs. I prefer a banana or 2, some people prefer oranges.
  • Band-Aids for scraped shins, ripped hands, etc…

The “Nice To Haves”

  • Your Own Jump Rope – I love my RPM Rope, but find one that you’re comfortable with
  • Knee Socks for Rope Climbs/Deadlift Days – check out the Shin Skins by RockTape or other similar products
  • Knee SleevesRehband Knee Sleeves own this market corner, with good reason, they make a quality product for helping compress/stablize the knee for heavy lifting days.
  • Weightlifting Belt – Might seem like overkill as most gyms have some to share, but do you really want to share a belt that someone else’s sweaty back has been on? I don’t. Check out this really nice quality leather weightlifting belt from Rogue Fitness
  • Olympic Weightlifting Shoes – all kinds of choices here, from Reebok to Adidas, to Rogue Fitness’ own brand. The choice is yours.
  • Handcare/Ript Kit – hurting your hands on the pull-up bar is painful. Here’s how to take care of your hands. Ript Kit is a package that allows you to take proper care of your hands to prevent/minimize tearing

There it is…

So that’s what is in my gym bag. I’d suggest a similar loadout for each of you out there. I am lucky enough that I’ve been able to acquire most of the “nice to haves” but if you’re just starting out, you don’t need all of that. Stick to the essentials and build up over time.

What’s in your gym bag? Anything I’m leaving out? What do you consider essential gear for working out?