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Best of EveryLastRep So Far…

September was the 6 month birthday of the blog, being October now, we’re cruising straight ahead into our first birthday (February). If you just started reading the blog recently, you may have missed some of the great content that we’ve been putting out. Let’s look at these 5 articles which are part of the best of the past 6 months.

crossfit meal plans 300x125 Best of EveryLastRep So Far... 5 CrossFit Meal Plans and Nutrition Resources
Everybody needs to eat. Here are some resources to help you make sure you’re eating the right amount of the right foods. Keep Reading
standard gym shoes 300x140 Best of EveryLastRep So Far... CrossFit & Shoes, what do you really need?
There’s a ton of debate around what type of shoe you should be wearing when you CrossFit. I’ll tell you what you really need. Keep Reading
candle parts 300x150 Best of EveryLastRep So Far... Garage Gym Series
A CrossFit membership is expensive, and that leaves little money for home workout equipment. However, I’ll show you how you can save a few dollars and build your own equipment. Keep Reading
yoga class 300x196 Best of EveryLastRep So Far... CrossFit and Yoga
Guys, don’t tune this out. Yoga can be extremely beneficial to your overall mobility development and long term body conditioning. Here I’ll outline the different types of Yoga available to help you pick the one that’s right for you. Keep Reading
ToddL1LecturePic 300x200 Best of EveryLastRep So Far... How to Choose a CrossFit Trainer
Choosing a CrossFit trainer/gym is a very important decision. You want to make sure you’re working with someone who knows what they are talking about, and who has programming that won’t lead you down the path to injury. Keep Reading

Also exciting…

Did you know that I’ve just recently launched my newest channel? Video! I’ve got a lot of really cool plans for the video series so make sure you subscribe via YouTube, iTunes, or follow the blog so you’ll stay up to date. Here’s the link to the Official EveryLastRep.com Video Page