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6 Reasons Why Extreme Makeover: WeightLoss Edition Works

Extreme Makeover WeightLoss Edition

I don’t like to cry. I’m also pretty sure that I don’t look good when I cry either. Don’t get me wrong there are certain times I have cried: at the death of relatives, seeing my wife walk down the aisle at our wedding, the birth of my children or seeing people’s lives changed for the better by Chris Powell, host of Extreme Makeover: WeightLoss Edition

I can’t help it, it’s just the fact of seeing the excitement and dedication of these individuals as they see their lives changed before them. I do the math sometimes and think “Good gosh, they lost ME, my bodyweight…in 90 days”. I also know that typically I don’t write about “weight loss” per se as we’re mostly CrossFit focused, but the host of the show, Chris Powell is a CrossFit-er so there’s my connection.

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Chris Powell, host of Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition

Speaking of Chris…you couldn’t ask for a more positive, caring individual to host the show. You can see it in his eyes when he talks, he is generally concerned about the people that he works with on the show.

But why does his method work? Why are his folks able to drop so much weight and keep the weight off? Here’s my thoughts:

  • Show successes, small & large
    • One of the first things that Chris has each person on the show do (after weighing in) is do a workout. It would look easy or mundane to most of us, but try doing it when your 200+ pounds overweight. You can start to see, during this workout, the realization by the people on the show that they CAN do these things that in their mind they’ve told themselves that they can’t. These are the small success. You then have the more obvious successes of dropping 100+ pounds in 90 days.
  • Focus on nutrition
    • Right after the first workout, Chris has the client working with a nutritionist, who is showing them what to eat and how much to eat. Everything from calorie intake to portion size. Chris is also a big proponent of Carb Cycling (and has written a few books available on Amazon about carb cycling) so that factors in to his nutrition.
  • Rewards victories
    • I’ve seen Chris send a football fan to the Super…err….”Big Game” for loosing a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. That’s not applicable for you or I, but when we do meet our goals it’s important to recognize that and reward ourselves appropriately (note: 5lbs of ice cream is not an appropriate reward)
  • Stays positive
    • While I’ve seen Chris get upset with his clients that aren’t living up to the expectations/tasks he’s set for them, he stay maintains a level of positivity that makes you want to smile and shows that he really cares. He understands that yelling and demanding will turn people off, instead he approaches his work with the folks on the show as a partnership.
  • Time
    • The show takes place over the course of a year. That’s right 365 days. ABC does a good job of editing the show down to an hour (sometimes 2 hours) and showing the progress over the course of the year. But the neat thing here is that going into this, if you want to be Chris’s client you understand that your change won’t happen overnight, or it’s not some rapid weight loss scheme, it’s a complete life-style change that takes time.
  • Holistic Approach
    • One other interesting thing to note is that Chris will often look at the family environment that these folks are coming from. Does their spouse contribute to their unhealthy lifestyle? Do their parents? In a recent episode, Chris separated a twin brother and sister for the first 90 days because they enabled each other in their unhealthly lifestyle

There you have it. 6 reasons why Extreme Makeover: WeightLoss Edition works. In a home with 3 kids, a wife, a dog and full-time jobs I rarely have time to watch TV. That being said EMWLE is on my DVR and it’s something that I find myself making the time to watch due to it’s positive message and it’s holistic approach to weightloss and lifestyle change.

As a side note, Chris Powell is definitely on the list of people I’d love to meet and hang out with. Just to have a quick chat. He’s a great guy and you should give his show a chance. Like I said, it’s not about CrossFit at this point, it’s about helping folks with chronic weight problems get to a healthy spot in their life. Then, of course, we can start pushing CrossFit on them icon smile 6 Reasons Why Extreme Makeover: WeightLoss Edition Works