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5 Videos To Help With Overhead Squat Technique

Overhead Squat Technique

I feel the overhead squat is one of the Olympic Lifts in CrossFit that just doesn’t get enough attention. It really puts an emphasis on a strong core and is one of the more difficult squats that you can perform. However, like the snatch, technique is key. Here’s a list of 5 videos to help with your overhead squat technique.

Coaching the Overhead Squat
Coach Justin Bergh from CrossFit HQ takes you through the Overhead Squat and some key things to watch out for. Really impressive how he can spot the elbows are pointed the wrong way when the guy is wearing a sweatshirt.

Shoulders or Squats, whats your problem?
Having issues with your overhead squat technique? Supple Leopard Kelly Starrett takes you through a few drills to determine if the problem likes in your shoulder or your squat.

Mobility Work to Help with your Overhead Squat
Another Kelly Starrett video, this one focuses on mobility work to prepare you for the overhead squat (and snatch as well)

CrossFit Mayhem WoD Demo (5×3 Overhead Squats)
Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, and others from Rich’s gym CrossFit Mayhem perform a 3-3-3-3-3 overhead squat workout. Intermixed during the workout is alot of good training/coaching tips for your overhead squat technique.

Overhead Kettlebell Squats
Once you’ve mastered your overhead squat technique, try doing it with 2 kettlebells, you’ll find it’s significantly harder to do, especially at heavier weights.

What’s your best tip/suggestion for improving your overhead squat technique? Let me know in the comments!