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5 Tools to Track Your Workouts


If I asked you to tell me your 1 rep Back Squat max, could you do it? Probably. If I asked you to tell me your last 3 back squat maxes, could you do that? Now we’re getting a little harder. Part of the journey of fitness is knowing where you’ve come from. Busting plateaus and mental blocks can be accomplished with small goals, 5 pound PRs or 2 second time improvements, but if we don’t have a history of our workouts, it gets harder to measure our success.

Tracking workouts is part of the empirical nature of CrossFit (or functional fitness in general). How can you determine who is the fittest or fitness in general if you have no quantitative methods to track your fitness level? I’ve taken some time to assemble some workout tracking tools and if applicable, put notes on my experience with them

1. Pen and Paper:

Doesn’t get any easier than this. Grab a pen and write stuff down. I keep a Moleskine in my gym bag for writing down workouts, and my results or weights used on said workouts. It’s simple, easy, everyone can do it. You don’t need any fancy technology either. I know this one seems like somewhat of a no-brainer, but alot of my athletes at the gym give me that “oh Yea…I could do that” look when I mention a .99 cent spiral notebook and a cheap pen.

2. MyWod

Download in the iTunes App Store or Google Play
MyWod is a strictly mobile only app that works on both Andriod and iOS devices. If you bring your phone to the gym, you can track your workout very quickly and easily using their app. The app is not free, it’s $1.99 in the App Store or Google Play, but it’s 2 bucks well worth it. One of the more interesting features that I like about it is the ability to calculate 1 rep maxes based upon X rep maxes. I’ve found it to be pretty accurate and close in it’s calculations. I think that this is my favorite/preferred app to track workouts. It’s quick, keeps historical data, and it’s on my phone which I always have available.

3. BeyondTheWhiteboard

One cool feature is that your gym can foot the bill for your membership, which mine did for awhile, so then the tool is essentially “free” for you. If your gym doesn’t do that, the site costs around $36.00 yearly for you to use. Honestly, I don’t understand why you’d pay when there are comparable free options available. Also when I was using this app, their interface was slightly confusing. It took me a while to figure out how to use it and I don’t think I ever figured out how to use it well. Your mileage may vary, just my two cents.

4. WODStack

Website: http://wodstack.com/
I’ve never used WODStack.com myself, but I see it’s workouts dominating my twitter feed. One of the apps features is posting your workout results to twitter, which is a cool feeling. As CrossFit athletes we all like to brag, so automated bragging is even better. One of the draws for WODStack is the community that it has built up. Think about the community inside your gym, it’s almost to that same level but virtual. Because of this community they are able to give you a WOD leaderboard across the whole community or broken down by male/female. Also every user gets a stats page, where you can track whatever stats you want outside of a WOD. This site is my favorite, non phone app tool to track CrossFit workouts. So far the Fran PR sits at 2:08/3:15 (Male/Female). Can you beat it? I’ve created an account, and you can view my public profile here: http://wodstack.com/users/7106

5. ScienceBehindSweat

Website: http://sciencebehindsweat.com/
ScienceBehindSweat costs only $20.00 a year, so it may as well be free, but it’s a little different than most of your typical workout tracking tools in that in actually shows you the science behind the workouts your doing. Focusing on your work capacity (aka, how much work can you perform over X amount of time) it gives you detailed breakdowns, charts, etc… around the workouts you perform. So when you use SBS to track CrossFit workouts you’ll see your work capacity over time and you’ll be able to determine how much better your getting. An interesting concept to say the least. On a side note, stay tuned for an upcoming post where I’ll show you how to calculate that work capacity for yourself.

More Information:

Over on the CrossFit main site discussion board, Ben Cohen-Leadholm posted a great spreadsheet that lists out alot of the top workout tracking sites as well as mobile apps.
Ben’s Post: http://board.crossfit.com/showthread.php?t=74723
Spreadsheet: https://app.box.com/s/32a9619bb17732ff9c0d

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