Fitness For Beginners

Are you ready to get started with the sport of fitness? Have you decided that average is no longer good enough? That’s great. With this series of articles I’ll introduce you to various aspects and ideas surrounding the functional fitness world to help make you a better athlete. It doesn’t matter if you started yesterday or two months ago, there will always be great information here.


How to Become a Morning Workout Person

I’m a big fan of a morning workout, probably because I coach early morning classes at the gym. But even if I didn’t, I’d tell you that it left you feeling more energized and ready to face your day. Plus you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and it gives you more free time in the evenings.

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Can What You Wear Improve Your Performance?

What if what you wore could improve your performance? Well…maybe not directly. Wearable technology may not make you be able to lift 10 more pounds, but what it can help you do is measure your current performance, and we all know the more you measure, analyze and report on your performance the more you improve.

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5 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Effective

You’ve heard the expression, “Don’t work hard, work smart.” Well, when it comes to working out, it may be particularly apt. Regular exercise is one of the healthiest habits we can cultivate in our lifetime,but if our expectations are a little skewed, it won’t yield the results we’re after.

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When Beast Mode Goes Bad: Overtraining and Group Exercise

Some group exercise circles (particularly CrossFit) thrive on a kind of no-pain-no-gain camaraderie and competition between participants, which is great. It creates an encouraging clique where everyone pushes each other to be the “best YOU you can be”, but although overload is necessary for progression, more is not always better. Let me tell you why…

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